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Neri and Romy, the founders of Neri’s Bakery and Fast Food, first opened their doors in 1984 in Filipino town Los Angeles. They started with a few tables to serve local Angelenos. As the years continued, Neri and Romy wanted to help the community by taking another step. They than started their catering services that reached all over Los Angeles and Orange county. Neri says, “Catering was one of the dreams aside from opening the restaurant”. By 1995, Neri and Romy expanded their restaurant into a larger seating area and began to annually participate in large festivals such as the Lotus Festival, FILAM art, Carson Filipino Independence Day, and California State Fullerton University Pasa Games “Friendship Games”.

Neri’s Bakery and Fast Food is claimed to be the local must have homestyle Filipino restaurant in Los Angeles. For 30 years, Neri’s Bakery and Fast Food located on the corner of Occidental Blvd and 6th Street served many Angelenos for breakfast, lunch and dinner. On special occasions, Neri would bake her special homestyle rice cakes. What makes her rice cakes so special? Neri’s rice cakes main ingredients contains real ground rice, sugar and water. No flour or eggs are included in the rice cakes. “It’s how I was taught back in Philippines, I thought it was one of the best tasting rice cakes I’ve come across. It’s a recipe so simple yet so delicious, I had to share with others.”


After 30 years of business in Filipino town, Neri’s Bakery and Fast Food was forced to relocate. In 2016 Neri’s reopened in Koreatown, Los Angeles (corner of Wilshire Blvd and Alexandria) and was renamed Neri’s Restaurant. Continuing the tradition, Neri continues to cook her authentic dishes and the occasional rice cakes. With a new look of the restaurant she decided to keep her traditional dishes but with the addition of a modern twist. Even today, Neri and Romy are still actively involved in the restaurant. Continuing the tradition, Neri’s remains open daily and works to provide quick and efficient service to all customers.


Maintaining and continuing our tradition by providing our customers with well prepared authentic and delicious Filipino dishes.
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