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The term kamayan or boodle fight can be used to describe the act of eating by bare hand, but a traditional kamayan meal is a feast served family style, usually over banana leaves.
You can feast with your friends and family or challenge your frienemies to the ultimate challenge. 

Kamayan Holiday-1.png

Reserve a Table for Dine-In 

Minimum 6 fighters. 
$26.99 per adult fighter 
$16.99 per fighter in training

(4 years old- 11 years old)
Deposit required. Please click the link to reserve. 

Non Holiday Kamayan To-Go

Per set feeds about 4-5 fighters. 
$100.00 per set. 

Deposit required. Please click the link to reserve. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is a reservation and deposit required for both takeout and dine-in? 
A. Yes, we require a reservation to ensure both parties understand there will be a Kamayan scheduled for that day. 

Q. Are there any vegetarian options? 
A. There are limited vegetarian options. Please call (213) 738-1263 to find out the available options. 

Q. May I pay ahead? 
A. We do not allow pay ahead for Kamayan. In the case an order would need to be adjusted. 

Q. Is dessert included?
A. Unfortunately, desserts and drinks are not included. We do offer a wide variety of drinks and desserts by requests.
For more information please call (213) 738-1263.
Pampano fish has been discontinued till further notice. We apologize for this inconvenience. 

Cancellation policy
Any cancellations 12 hours before the scheduled event will result in no return deposit. All cancellations must be made via email Please include your name and telephone number to verify your order. Phone in cancellations will not be accepted. 
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